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AWS Cost Cheat Sheet

UPDATE: We’ve launched an interactive version of the cheat sheet – check it out here

I get asked about Amazon Web Services pricing literally every day. I suppose it’s a factor of the job I’m in! The AWS Simple Calculator should come with a health warning for anyone who is not already an AWS expert, and the EC2 Pricing page is a resource I personally go to a lot, but it’s not a quick reference. We do a good job in CloudVertical (signup for a free trial) of helping Cloud users understand their costs but in terms of just putting together basic, high-level indicative costs for a solution – there isn’t really a simple ‘at a glance’ solution. We do TCO (total cost of ownership) models for customers all the time, and we may launch a public, automated ‘shopping cart style’ TCO and Cloud On-Ramp Calculator in the near future (hint!), but in the mean time, here’s a cheat sheet (PDF) I put together to help with basic, quick, cursory AWS pricing.

A few of the questions it aims to answer at-a-glance:

  • How much is storage?
  • How much does an instance cost for a month?
  • What instance has about 7GB of RAM?
  • What’s the difference in cost between regions?
  • How much is data transfer?
  • How many hours are in a month? How many in a year?
  • What percentage saving could I get if I bought reserved instances?
Everything is in $USD and based on the US East (Virginia) region right now. If there’s demand for it – I’ll do the same thing in EURO and YEN – based those regions and using currency conversion at the time of creation so it gives a sense of actual cash cost relevant to users in those regions. In the next version, I’d like to add:
  • Sample Deployments – 1 Web Server, 1 DB Server + expected norms for associated costs; 2 Web Servers, 4 backend Servers; Multi-AZ/Region SMALL and LARGE deployment
  • Reserved Instances – % of Annual Cost in Upfront Investment, % Hourly Discount (amortized and not), Time Period for Return on Investment.
  • Spot Instances – Average Spot Instance price per instance and % Saving.
Let me know if there’s any other regular and annoying questions you’d like the AWS Cheat Sheet (PDF) to answer.
If you’re an existing AWS user and would like more than a reference guide – check out the application – we provide scenario analysis, forecasting, and a detailed service breakdown per tag (so you can see ‘who is using which resources at what cost’, as well as custom email reports you can configure to email to the right people at regular intervals. Sign up – it takes about 60 seconds.


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