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The TechStars and Twilio “Two for One” Contest

TechStars and Twilio announced a contest yesterday to create the best combination of a TechStars company’s API and Twilio.

Since StatsMix is a TechStars Boulder 2010 company, we’re very excited to be participating as one of the available APIs in the contest.

From David Cohen’s contest announcement:

To enter, just create an awesome application that uses the Twilio API along with at least one API or product from any TechStars company. TechStars CEO David Cohen will be judging the contest, along with TechStars mentors Brad Feld and Dave McClure.

First prize is an Amazon Kindle 3G and one all expense paid trip to Boston to meet with Katie Rae (Managing Director, TechStars Boston), Reed Sturtevant (Project11 Ventures), Jeff Bussgang (Flybridge Capital Partners) and Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital. Additionally, the winner will receive $100 in Twilio credit and copies of Do More Faster.

If you’re integrating with Twilio, you’ll need to measure all your activity from their API. While Twilio provides some basic tools, StatsMix enhances this reporting and allows you to track anything within your application. You can then add this data to dashboards and start to correlate it with all your other important business metrics.

Here are some examples of how the StatsMix API could be used to track metrics from Twilio:

  • Total calls placed
  • Call failures
  • Total SMS volume
  • Average call duration
  • Total call cost

These are just a few ideas, but you start to get the picture of how StatsMix can help monitor and measure your application.

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