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Integrating Unbounce with StatsMix Using Webhooks

Landing pages are a staple of modern Internet marketing efforts and there’s a great service called Unbounce that makes the process incredibly easy.

While exploring their app the other day, I noticed they offered the ability to use webhooks. If you’re unfamilar with webhooks, they allow you to push notifications from one web service to another with no extra coding.

Looking at their partners page, I was intrigued with how fast ActiveCampaign built a webhook to support Unbounce in 89 minutes. Knowing how the StatsMix API works (and some of our interesting use cases), I figured I could beat that time by about 87 minutes!

So here’s what I did with StatsMix, right “out-of-the-box”, with no additional coding on our back-end. (i.e. I did the same thing any StatsMix customer can do right now.)

  1. Created a new custom metric in StatsMix
  2. Grabbed the sample code to send a new data point to StatsMix:
  3. Pasted this link into the Unbounce webhook form field


And that’s it! Whenever someone submits a form on the Unbounce landing page, a value of 1 will be sent to StatsMix for that metric. So for an “Unbounce Form Submissions” metric (or whatever you want to call it), you can track this on a dashboard and/or correlate it against any other metric you’re tracking in StatsMix.

Again, this works “out-of-the-box” due to how we built the StatsMix API. The POST to the stats resource in our API is essentially a bare-bones webhook for almost any web service.

I’ll be exploring more services with webhook capabilities and writing up the results, but in the meantime let me know if you try using our API as a webhook with any other web service.

So try it out and start pushing real-time data to StatsMix with no coding using webhooks!

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