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Metrics Key to Building a Company Culture

Urban Airship recently wrote about building and maintaining their company culture. One of the more interesting points was a focus on making sure employees know the company’s key metrics.

What are the real Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business? For a long time we thought it was the number of notifications we were sending. While interesting, and certainly an indication of growth, we view the total number of pushes being sent as just one of the KPIs.

We have a big board in both of our offices (inspired by the one at Panic just down the street) that displays our real-time KPIs across the entire company. This is more than just up-time and number of notifications, but metrics like revenue, pipeline, incoming leads and average time to close that show we are on target with our plan. These are real KPIs and they live on our big board which everyone passes by several times a day.

We have numerous customers tell us they do the same, creating office status boards with StatsMix dashboards. Letting everyone view up-to-date key metrics as they walk around the office definitely reminds them of their overall importance and hopefully starts to align goals. Determining the specific metrics to display, though, is another topic altogether.

I recommend reading the entire article on building a company culture as it’s full of great insights.

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