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New Dashboard Widget Builder

As we’ve increased the options to configure StatsMix dashboards, we realized we needed a much better way of easily adding widgets. As a result, we’re happy to announce that we’ve released a completely re-designed dashboard widget builder.

Previously, we offered about a dozen pre-built widget types for our customers to choose from when managing their dashboards. Our new widget builder turns that around and offers a fully customized experience.

We now have a single widget builder that allows you to select every option based on the metrics (what kind and how many) you want to display. From this, you can pick the content type (chart, tabbed content, custom HTML, RSS feed, or mentions) and then the various options specific to each.

Here’s a short video (1 minute) that show the new dashboard widget builder in action:

In our early testing with some customers, we’ve found this new widget builder system to be a much better and more efficient way of managing StatsMix dashboards.

Let us know what you think!

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